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Welcome to BOW i.n.

BOW i.n. is short for "BORN OF WAR, international network", which is a network of national associations of children born of war.

Children born of war are here considered as off-spring of parents of different nationalities, who met as a consequence of military conflict and/or peacekeeping actions - normally with the father being a soldier and the mother being a native citizen.

Typically children born of war have very difficult lifelong conditions as well as identity problems in their personal life.

In some countries the national NGO associations help in various ways, e.g. to identify one or both biological parents, most often a foreign soldier.

BOW i.n. - as an international network - aims at supporting and coordinating efforts related to general and common issues, which may be shared across borders.

BOW i.n. may take action of a preventive character regarding such problems, as in the future new children will be born of war.

All National Associations of Children Born Of War, that want to contribute, are invited to participate in BOW i.n.

Updated 8.8.2019


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